LANDPATHS is developing new strategies for multifunctional landscape governance and management to enhance Sweden’s biodiversity.

The five-year programme is led by Uppsala University, in collaboration with researchers from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), the Stockholm Resilience Centre and Södertörn University. The programme is funded by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s Research Grant, in collaboration with the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management 2022-2027.

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The research addresses governance and management challenges within a broad set of landscapes and land uses: forests, agriculture, marine, coasts, mountains and urban. Using creative methods to imagine and discuss the possibilities for future landscapes in Sweden, the work involves a wide range of people from across policy, practice and public society.

The programme will deliver practical tools and recommendations for practitioners and public agencies, to support Sweden’s approach to addressing the biodiversity and climate change crises.

An interdisciplinary and integrated approach

LANDPATHS is delivered by researchers with social and natural science expertise in land use and biodiversity conservation. The work is structured around nine subprojects:

  1. Co-ordination of the project, led by Malgorzata Blicharska (Uppsala University)
  2. Future imaginaries, led by Neil Powell (Uppsala University)
  3. Systems and citizen deliberation, led by Lucas Dawson (SLU) and Tim Daw (Stockholm Resilience Centre)
  4. Transformative governance pathways, led by Mikael Karlsson (Uppsala University)
  5. Forests, led by Sara Holmgren (SLU)
  6. Agricultural landscapes, led by Tuija Hilding-Rydevik (SLU)
  7. Marine and coasts, led by Michael Gilek (Södertörn University)
  8. Urban landscapes, led by Marcus Hedblom (SLU)
  9. Mountain landscapes, led by Per Sandström (SLU)

Read more about LANDPATHS on the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s website.